Norteas is a Nordplus network of Nordic and Baltic Performing Arts institutions in higher education. We focus on sharing about our everyday life. Norteas encourages students and teachers to seek innovation and new approaches to the already established practices, through the exchange of knowledge, experience and visions on contemporary performing arts and education.


nordic common studies

Annually, the Norteas schools choose a joint week in the calendar, to open their acting courses for international students. This gives acting students the unique opportunity of learning experiences abroad and to network amongst peers.

Nordic baltic express

This activity focuses on enhancing short term mobility of students. The course programme offers various types of courses for a broad group of students: acting, dance, performance making, directing, scenography, light-design, etc.


funding for students

The Norteas network prioritises mobility of students. The network seeks to support all types of student mobility: study exchanges, student work placements and short term studies abroad (express mobility).