nordic common studies

The Nordic Common studies programme (NCS) will be offered for the 7th time in January and February 2019. In this activity the network chooses a slot in the academic year, where schools swop their students and experiment with teaching and sharing of methods and experiences in an international context.

This project is a tool towards internationalising the curricula of theatre and performing arts education. The ambition is that step by step our education becomes more flexible so that students can become more mobile and enjoy express mobility and networking on a high level. 



14 - 19 JANUARY 2019 (6 teaching days, travel days excluded)

4 - 9 FEBRUARY 2019 (6 teaching days, travel days excluded)


Nordic Common Studies GUIDELINES 2019


NCS round 6

The schools who participate in this event from 23 - 28 of January 2017, are:

Danish National School of Performing Arts (Copenhagen and Odense)
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Iceland Academy of the Arts
HiNT, Nord University
Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre
Norwegian Theatre Academy, Fredrikstad
Tampere University
Viljandi Culture Academy

Focus group: acting students 2nd or 3rd year BA level

Period: coursework from January 23-28 (travel days excluded)

Upcoming deadline: all participating schools should send their NCS course descriptions to Norteas network coordinator / no later than August 20, 2016.

Nordic Common Studies guidelines.